Monday, 2 August 2010

Kitty Blog :3

Today, on Daily Squee, I saw a kitteh I liked. So I Google'd more. Here is a list, of sorts, of kittens I would like to own as an adult, and yes I will be a crazy cat lady.

I think it's a tabby? Just look at the yawn :')

'Nother tabby I think :')

Ural Rex kitteh. Reminds me of a tortoiseshell cat, and of Sacha. But it's adorable :')

Snow Bengal Cat. Yes, its a domestic. Yes, I want one :3

I don't know the breed, but it's so adorable!

Again not too sure on the breed, Tabby? But lovely (:

Munchkin Scottish Fold. <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">I have no idea of the breed. BUT LOOK AT THE FUR!

Peeping broomcat (:


Right, if you want to buy me any of these, you can. It would be appreciated lots :')

Finally, the cake I plan to have. I cba to upload a picture, so here is the link: Cat Cake
Again, please get me this :')<3


  1. firstly, i want the munchkin cat, or the one with the squashed face underneath it.
    second, have you ever googled 'baby pandas'?
    i think i'm going to be a crazy panda lady.

    oh, and don't worry about being weird, me and natalie spent several hours googling baby animals, so we're odd too :)

  2. Yepyep, I think I want a Munchkin tbh ;D although, I'd have them all :P

    I have not done that, I think I will ;D you can be a crazy panda lady, I'll be crazy cat lady! It works ;D

    Ahh I'm glad, I don't want to be the only odd one (:

  3. Oh wait, I actually want a Snow Bengal kitty :3